I selected the silk saree mainly for the service by the staff .Excellent service .Wish to come here again for that particular reason. Thank you!!
Quality is very high. Keep up the good quality for the great prices.
I got what I was looking for in reasonable price. Thank u for the wonderful service.

Welcome to Shreenivas silks and Sarees. You can use this website to find out information about our two retail stores both located at T.Nagar, Chennai and also access our online store www.ShreeVastra.com

We are specialized in :

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram Silks – The town of Kanchipuram is best known for its silk saris. Woven by the master weavers of the district, our saris are designed with delight and made with great care. Straight from the looms of Kanchi, we offer you creme de la creme of this wonderful weave.




Soft Silks SareesSoft Silks – Incredibly soft to the touch, the silk saris woven in Coimbatore are slippery hence drape really well.  In surprisingly fresh designs, these saris are available in enviably beautiful designs and are woven in small numbers. Each sari is exclusive and comes in a stunning colour combination, at a reasonable price range.



Banarsi Silk Sarees

Banarsi Silks – From the house of Varanasi, woven with great tenderness, the Banarasi sarees are a work of art. They are best known for their unique resham and zari meenakari work. Traditionally, Banarasi saris were part of the Indian bride’s trousseau. We now offer you a range of sarees which are light in weight and can also be used for casual occasions.

Available in all designs, ranging from simple to grand, the banarasi saris are a part of every sari wearer’s cupboard.


Tussar Silk SareesTussar Sarees – Woven in Bhagalpur, Tussar silk sarees are renowned for their natural golden shade and excellent texture. Sarees woven out of Tussar silk tends to be extremely light and durable. We present to you our Tussar collections which include a mix of big borders, resham body designs, subtle plain shades as well as grand zari brocade sarees.



Patola Silk Sarees

Patola Sarees – Woven in Patan in the state of Gujarat, Patola silk sarees are famous for their “Double Ikkat” weaving style. The warp and the weft of the saree are wrapped according to intricate patterns and made to resist the dyeing process. This process is also known as “tie and dye”.  Our collections include a variety of floral, geometric and abstract designs woven in bright colors. These sarees are light weight, not heavy on the budget and can be used both for simple and grand occasions.


Art Silk SareesArt Silks – Made of synthetic fibers, these sarees bear a striking resemblance to silk sarees but at much lower price points. They are available in rare double shades, both with and without zari borders.




Bhagalpur cotton

Bhagalpur Cotton – Pure hand-woven cotton sarees straight from the looms of Bhagalpur. These are available with a variety of designs and colors.





Kalamkari cottonKalamkari Cotton – Pure cotton sarees hand-block printed with kalamkari designs. Available in various ranges and colors.





Kanchi cotton

Kanchi Cotton – Hand loom cotton sarees woven with various body motives and contrast borders and a rich paloo.





Kora cottonKora Cotton – 2 ply cotton warp is woven with a silk weft to make these sarees. They are light weight and perfectly suited for casual occasions.





Raw Silk Sarees

Raw Silk Saree – These are semi-raw silk sarees with a variety of zari and thread borders. Being low cost, these are well suited for casual wear/ gifting.





Silk cotton

Silk Cotton – These sarees are almost as well-known as Kanchipuram silk sarees. We have the traditional designs that these sarees are known for as well as quirky ones more suited for younger saree lovers.